Frequently asked Questions

How much will it cost?

The starting price for a Sea Safari or Lough Neagh Cruise is £25 per person based on a group of six.  Our River Bann trips start at £20 per person.

Some trips are priced individually and trips outside Northern Ireland will have an additional transport fee in order to get the boat to the leaving area.

Our trips are mainly Private Charters so there is a minimum charge for 6 passengers per charter.

How do I book a trip?

You can call us on 07845 370 231 or 07864 684 857 to make enquiries or book a trip.

Upon booking you will be asked for a deposit of £50 per boat for a private charter on the River Bann, Lough Neagh or Sea Safari.  This is not refundable in the case of cancellations or no shows. We will do our best to work with you if you need to postpone the trip due to circumstances beyond your control.

What if the Skipper cancels the trip?

Skippers may cancel a trip at their discretion.  This may be due to unsafe weather conditions.  In this case an alternative date for the trip will be offered and if this is unsuitable a full refund will be issued.

How many people can I bring on the boats?

RIB Endurance is coded for 10 passengers and RIB Stormborn is coded for 12 passengers.

What is provided onboard?

  • Lifejackets
  • Refreshments
  • Picnics can be arranged

What time of year do you operate?

All year round

What if it rains?

RIB Endurance has a canopy to protect you from rain and strong sunlight, with removable clear sides which do not impede your view.  We let you decide whether you want the see through sides down or not.  In colder weather we also use a portable heater to keep our passengers warm and comfortable.

RIB Stormborn has an enclosed cabin with heater for your comfort.  The rear outside seating area can also be enclosed with a canopy.

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