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Frequently asked Questions

How much will it cost?

The starting price is £25 per person for a group of six.

Some trips are priced individually and others will have an additional transport fee in order to get the boat to the leaving area. (FREE transportation for within Northern Ireland.)

How many people can I bring on the boat? 

  • minimum (1 + crew)
  • maximum seats (10 + crew)
  • 900kg weight limit on the boat.

How many people can I bring on the boat? 

  • Floatation suits
  • Lifejackets

What time of year do you operate?

All year round

What’s the best seat in the boat?

  • dryer and calmer – sit at the back (more protection from weather and boat impacting the water)
  • windswept adventurers sit at the front (this is the rollercoaster ride section)


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