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Meet your Skipper at the Lock-Keepers Cottage on Toome Canal

The Lock-Keepers Cottage is a Waterways Heritage Centre, cafe, and community hub.  Your Skipper will be waiting outside to give your group a safety briefing and fit you with a life-jacket.

Sailing South down Toome Canal you may see Dragonflies, Herons and Waterfowl.

Passing through the historic Lock Gates we find ourselves in Toome Bay, an indentation of Lough Neagh on its North-Western shore. Ancient deposits excavated here have been found to be the oldest recorded human artefacts in Ireland.

We travel through Toome Bay into the Lough where we may meet sand barges or Lough Neagh fishermen.

Cranfield hosts a 13th-century Irish church on the northern shore of Lough Neagh at Churchtown Point. It is reputed that St. Olcán blessed this well with healing properties and that Olcán is buried at Cranfield Church in earth brought from Rome.

Within the well are gypsum crystals, known locally as ‘amber pebbles’, which were also thought to have healing properties. It was believed that they protected women in childbirth; fishermen from drowning; and homes from fire and burglary.

Believers bathe their bodies with a rag dipped in the well, followed by prayers and finally the rag is tied to one of the trees the belief being that as the rag disintegrates so the affliction will disappear. The tree is covered in rags and ribbons to this day.

This is tranquil and scenic place with a wealth of wild fowl and rabbits in the area.  Passengers can disembark here to explore or have a picnic.

  • Tour time: 2h
  • Private Charters only
  • £25 per person based on a group of 6
  • Pre-booking essential
  • Great for: Sight-seeing, family day out, adventurers, photographers, historians, video producers, team building

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