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Welcome to Abhainn Cruises

Welcome to Abhainn Cruises, Northern Ireland’s RIB boat tour provider.
Whether it’s a scenic cruise for your family, a thrill seeking adventure with your friends,
or a nature expedition, we cater to your needs.

Discover Abhainn Cruises Trips by Interest

Are you looking for a memorable family day out? Are you a photographer who is hungry to get photos from inaccessible location? Are you an adrenaline junkie who is looking for speed & thrills?

Adventure with Abhainn Cruises - Northern Ireland


Get wet! Enjoy the 100MPH speed! Get from Rathlin Island to Ballycastle in 5min!

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Photography with Abhainn Cruises - Northern Ireland


Shoot landscapes and wildlife from the angles not possible from land!

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Learn History with Abhainn Cruises Northern Ireland


Learn history of local places with Abhainn Cruises.

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wildlife watch and photography


See the beautiful wildlife of the Northern Ireland waters

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Cruise Ship Passengers

We provide bespoke tours for cruise ship passengers at reasonable prices.

Safety Boat Services

We provide RIB boat and skipper for inland and offshore water events, such as sailing regattas etc

Film / TV Crew Work

We cater for filming crews, providing both safety boat and camera boat aw well as location scouting

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