Puffin Safari

Rathlin Puffin Safari

The Full Monty 

Departing from Ballycastle RHIB Stormborn will make its way through Rathlin Sound to the West Light Seabird Centre.  From here you will have a spectacular view of the cliff where these quirky seabirds make their home. This is truly an immersive experience with the smell of the sea and the sound of the colony.  You will have take plenty of time here to let you relax, enjoy the experience and take photos.

Journey around the entire island seeing all three Rathlin Lighthouses on a full circumnavigation before coming into Church Bay at Rathlin. Watch out for the seals who play here during the summer.  RHIB Stormborn docks in the harbour and you will spend up to 2 hours on the island during which you can explore, pop to McCuaig’s Bar for refreshment or food, visit the Boat House Centre or stroll along the beach.

Trip Duration:  5 hours 

Bruce’s Cave Experience

Departing from Ballycastle you will travel across Rathlin Sound to explore the whole East Coast of the island, from the Rue Lighthouse to the East Lighthouse where the puffins can be seen.  You will encounter seals at Ushet Port and at  Bruce’s Cave with incredible views of Fairhead on the return journey to Ballycastle.

Trip Duration:  2 hours 

Around The Sound

Departing from Ballycastle on RHIB Stormborn you will visit Carrick-a-Rede Rope bridge where you can swim if it is calm.  You will then travel across the Sound to the West Lighthouse which is also a Sea Bird Centre.  Here you will be immersed in the sounds of the seabirds including Puffins.  More puffins can be seen nesting along the cliff face of Rathlin as you travel towards Church Bay and pass through the crystal clear waters where kelp is farmed by Islander Kelp.  You will be able to explore the island for over an hour before journeying on to the Rue Lighthouse and Ushet Port to see the seals, enjoying magnificent views of Fairhead on the return to Ballycastle.  Around The Sound is a full Rathlin Experience by sea and by land, which will delight your senses.

Trip Duration:  4 hours

Gobbins Puffin Safari

Departing from the marina at Carrickfergus Castle on RHIB Endurance you will journey through Belfast Lough and cruise to the world renowned Gobbins Cliff Path.  On your way you pass the Victorian seaside town of Whitehead and the historic Blackhead Lighthouse.  The Gobbins Cliff Path is host to a variety of seabirds including the distinguished Puffins who make it their home during the Spring and Summer months.

RHIB Endurance cruises along this Jurassic coastline taking in the breathtaking scenery, the multitude of puffins and other seabirds, and the Lions Mane jellyfish who fill the water in droves during warmer months.  You will travel beyond the current Gobbins Cliff path Walkway to explore the caves and if you’re lucky spot some seals before making your way back to Carrickfergus.

Trip Duration: 3 hours minimum 

  • Great for: Sightseeing, ornithologists, family day out, adventurers, photographers, historians, video producers, team building…
  • Prices Private charter prices based on minimum of 6 paid seats.
  • Available during April, May, June and July while Puffins are here.  Private Charters to these locations still available all year round.

Text or call for prices and availability: +44 (0) 7845 370231

“Great puffin safari today. everyone really enjoyed the trip.”

Doreen M.

“Such fun with Tim and Ben today. Lots of seabirds seen as well as historical places and beautiful scenery. Highly recommend.”

Heather R.

“we LOVED every second of our trip …from we started till we finished it was AMAZING ! We had a beautiful meal at the pub on Rathlin Island and enjoyed the running commentary throughout the cruise ..Allan and myself will do this again SOON …SUPERB !!!”

Jenny C.R.

“5++ stars
Such a great day’s craic with Tim and Ben. I would highly recommend the Full Monty trip for everyone. A great way to see Rathlin and the beautiful coastline with all the information on wildlife, geology, important landmarks and historical events. With skipper, Tim, and son Ben at the helm, it’s all about safety first then enjoyment. RNLI rocks! No problem with nervous embarkees like Joanne! Maybe keep a spare pair of socks and trainers on the boat, Tim! Good oul Norn Iron banter. Thanks from the noisy group of giggling girlies.”

Heather W.

“I booked a trip for myself and my two children, Ava(10) and Flynn(7) with Tim.  He asked what we wanted from the tour and I believe exceeded all of my expectations! The children had an amazing day making our way from Ballycastle along the coast to Carrick a rede then on to Rathlin island for a meal and a lovely cold pint!

We seen an abundance of beautiful wildlife and landscapes that you could only achieve by boat.

The rib boat itself is a fantastic piece of work that kept us lovely and warm. I’m not great with rough waters but the rib deals with it brilliantly.

Wonderful day that was very informative and beautiful but the best thing was the personal touch the Tim put into it all”

Gareth M.

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