Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of a memorable experience.

Perfect for personal and corporate gifts.

Gift experiences are unique, personal and memorable.  We offer Gift Vouchers for our private charter sight seeing tours at sea, on Lough Neagh and on the River Bann.  You can purchase a Gift Voucher for any amount including the cost of a deposit for a sightseeing tour (£100) or the minimum cost of a specific private charter for 6 or 8 passengers.  The price at time of purchase will be honoured for 6 months from the date of purchase, after that any price difference will have to be paid.

Alternatively vouchers can be used towards any private charter.

Contact Lynn on 07845 370 231 or email to purchase a Gift Voucher.

You will be emailed your voucher which will include the name of the recipient, giver, voucher number and value. We store all gift voucher details until the voucher has been redeemed or expiration date has been reached.

To redeem a voucher contact us on 07845 370 231 to book your trip quoting your voucher number.