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Game of Thrones® – Slaver’s Bay Tour

Our Game of Thrones® Coastal Tours have been designed to take your group to the most stunning coastal film locations, and give you ample time to soak in the atmosphere, re-imagine the famous scenes, and take plenty of photos.

Having been involved with the filming of Game of Thrones® our skipper is your perfect GOT Tour Guide and you will be travelling on RIB Endurance in which Peter Dinklage and Iain Glen both sailed.

Game of Thrones® Slaver’s Bay Tour

We set sail from Ballycastle heading to Fairhead, a rocky headland known for it’s wild and rugged beauty which is iconic of our Antrim coastline.  In Season 7 Episode 5, Fairhead features as Dragonstone, where Tyrion and Jon Snow discuss strategy.  Also, Fairhead is the landing site of Drogon and Daenerys and where Drogon lets Jon Snow stroke his face. Fairhead is a spectacular geological feature born out of volcanic activity some 60 million years ago, towering over the sea, and steeped in it’s own mythology of The Children of Lir.  Consequently it is no wonder it came to be used in the prodigious HBO series.

Next we travel South to Murlough Bay, better known to Game of Thrones® fans as Slaver’s Bay.  Known for its breath-taking natural beauty and remote location, it was where Tyrion and Jorah were discovered by a slave ship and captured while making their way to Meereen on foot.  Also, this location was used in other scenes, notably as where Renley refuses to join and support his elder brother Stannis.  Here we move into a smaller boat to make a beach landing and explore the location giving your group plenty of time to take photographs and soak in the atmosphere and have a drink of locally distilled Black Bush Whiskey to toast the journey.

Finally we board RIB Endurance again to travel to Cushendun Cave where Mellisandre gave birth to the shadowy demon before making our way back to Ballycastle.

  • Number of Passengers:     10
  • Length of Tour:                   3 hours minimum
  • Cost per person:                 £45

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