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About Abhainn Cruises Boat Tours

Our business began in the year 2013.  With a love of the water, exploring, history, and wildlife, it seemed natural that we should get a boat.  And why get a small boat just for family use when we could get a bigger boat and share wonderful experiences with other people too?

Skipper Tim Griffin is the head of Abhainn Cruises, and as a local man, born and bred in the heart of Northern Ireland, there is no better person to help you explore.  He can take you to our most famous tourist sites like Carrick-a-Rede and the Giant’s Causeway, but he can also show you the hidden gems along the way.  Tim can tell you about the history and wildlife of an area, but also the legends, myths and the stories told only by locals and fishermen.

Tim is well known along our coast, on Rathlin Island, on Lough Neagh and the River Bann.  As well as giving you an informative and friendly experience on your tour, you will also be guaranteed some famous Northern Irish ‘craic’ with Tim, and great hospitality at any pubs or shops if you’re in his company.

Feel free to call or text Tim to book or make enquiries, or if you prefer you can message me (Lynn) on our Facebook page or send us an email.


Offshore Yachtmaster commercially endorsed.
First aid and fire fighting.
Radio operators license.
Local knowledge certificate for Belfast Harbour.

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing the highest standard of Health and Safety to our clients.

Our RIB and equipment are tested regulary and meet all the MGN requirements for coded vessels.

Our life jackets and lifeboat are tested annually by KTS safety. All crew are highly trained and fully qualified.

Accreditation Logos