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About Abhainn Cruises Boat Tours

Welcome to Abhainn Cruises, Northern Ireland’s RIB boat tour provider. Whether it’s a scenic cruise for your family, a thrill seeking adventure with your friends, or a nature expedition, we cater to your needs. We are experienced with film crews, providing a professional vessel for location filming and are an ideal safety boat for water events. Our boat is fully coded and our Yachtmaster fully qualified. We provide top of the range life jackets and floatation suits for your comfort and safety during your boat tour.


Offshore Yachtmaster commercially endorsed.
First aid and fire fighting.
Radio operators license.
Local knowledge certificate for Belfast Harbour.

Health & Safety

We are committed to providing the highest standard of Health and Safety to our clients. Our RIB and equipment are tested regulary and meet all the MGN requirements for coded vessels.

Our life jackets and lifeboat are tested annually by KTS safety. All crew are highly trained and fully qualified.

Accreditation Logos