It’s nearly November and that means only one thing… Christmas is coming!  It’s time to write lists and think of what gifts to get everyone.

Socks, games, aftershave, bath stuff, clothing, gadgets…. sound familiar?  There are lots of material gifts you can buy for your friends and family this Christmas and they’ve probably had them all before.  If you want to get them something unique and memorable, then a gift voucher for an experience is the perfect way to put a smile on their face this year.  We wholeheartedly believe that gift experiences and wonderful memories are far more valuable than the latest gadget or game.

It could be a new experience they never imagined, something they’ve always wanted to try or something they love doing already.  There are a wide range of gift experiences available throughout Northern Ireland for all ages and interests and to suit your gift buying budget.  And, when you buy a Gift Voucher from a small business you are not only making your loved one happy with the gift, you are also making a small business owner happy too.  Isn’t that a lovely Christmassy feeling?

Our Christmas Gift Vouchers offer an outdoor activity to look forward to; a boat tour on one of our fast RHIBs on the sea, Lough Neagh or River Bann.   Because all our tours are private charters the person receiving the gift can choose a small group of family or friends to share the experience with.  You can choose from any tour experience on our website or leave the choice up to them.  There are thrilling tours on the coast including island stops and even sea swimming.  Maybe an adventure on scenic Lough Neagh is more their style or perhaps a gentle river cruise which suits less confident sailors and younger passengers.  Whatever you choose we’re sure they’ll love it.

You can purchase a Christmas gift voucher for any amount up to the minimum cost of a particular private charter.  For example our Carrick-a-Rede Sea Safari is one of our most popular tours and is £210 for up to 6 passengers.  You can specify a particular tour or leave the voucher open for any private charter.  The recipient can pay to add extra passengers or choose a longer tour if they wish.

To purchase a Christmas Gift Voucher contact Lynn by calling or texting 07845 370 231 or email

Payment can be made either over the phone by card or via bank transfer.  The Gift Voucher is sent in digital form to your email for you to download and either send on or print to include in a card.  You will have it on the same day you pay.  We will include any wording you want on the voucher and make amendments if needed.  The gift voucher can be redeemed by the recipient (or their parent/guardian) by contacting Lynn to book a date for the tour.

Gift experiences have the power to create life long memories of shared joy and laughter.  Isn’t that the best gift you can give?  

Text/Call Lynn on 07845 370 231 for more information or to purchase a gift voucher.