BBC Getaways

It’s been a busy year at Abhainn Cruises and one of our most memorable days involved filming with the BBC Getaways team.  It was 4th September and as usual Tim (Skipper) and Ben (Crew) had everything ready and meticulously planned for the big day.  We were lucky as it was an absolutely stunning day and the water was like a Monet mirror when we put RIB Endurance in at Newferry marina.

The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage

Gliding up through the beautiful nature reserve Lough Beg we couldn’t help but think it was a pity the film crew weren’t already with us, but we were to meet them at The Lock-Keeper’s Cottage in Toome, now a Waterways Heritage Centre and café.  We were early of course, you don’t keep busy film crews waiting, so we had plenty of time to get coffees and enjoy the peaceful canal.

Lough Neagh

The film crew arrived; presenter Joe Lindsay, producer Maggie, and camera man Mark.  Greetings made and life jackets on, off we set for Cranfield on Lough Neagh to meet the fishermen.  We passed sand barges on the way and really got a sense of how busy and lively Lough Neagh is.  The fishermen Dick and Dee McIlroy were delighted to have visitors and a bit amused at how anyone would be interested in what they do every day.  They showed us how they baited the hooks and set the mile long line to catch eel.  They was also a great bit of ‘craic’, and if you don’t know what craic is then you need to get yourself booked onto one of our Lough Neagh tours. 

Ram’s Island

Soon it was time to go, as Rams Island was waiting to be explored.  Michael Savage greeted us and played host, sharing his knowledge of the history of Rams Island.  Ben assisted Mark as sound man, perhaps we can add that to his resume.  With the light fading for the day it was time to blast back to Toome on RIB Endurance, but not before Tim got a selfie with Joe Lindsay.  We can’t wait to see the results of the days filming in January.

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Skipper Tim & Joe Lindsay