The Irish Scottish Connection

There has long been a deep bond between Ireland and our Scottish cousins across the sea.  Nowhere is this stronger than between the Glens of Antrim and Causeway Coast, and the Inner Hebrides and Argyll Scotland.  This ‘Dalriada Kingdom’ or Dál Riada, is a Gaelic kingdom stretching back to at least the 5th century AD.

This ancient connection continues to this day with a profound appreciation for our landscapes and coasts, shared history and folklore, and of course our love of the sea and whisky.  What better way to celebrate this lasting Gaelic heritage than with an inspirational journey across the sea from Ballycastle on the island to Ireland to Isle of Islay Scotland.

Your Journey

On your journey your Skipper, an OCN Accredited Tour Guide, will point out sites of interest and tell a tale or two about Irish and Scottish giants, kings, treachery and shipwrecks.  You will marvel at the world renowned Causeway Coast of Ireland and Rathlin Island.  Relax and let the sea air invigorate your senses while you surf the waves all the way to Scotland.  On Islay you will find three Scottish Whisky Distilleries within walking distance of Port Ellen.  Alternatively, a short taxi trip will get you there even quicker.  A variety of tours are available from Ardbeg, Lagavullin and Laphroaig Distilleries.  Choose between short, high quality tours or indulge in longer experiences with more tastings.  Quality lattes and other hot drinks can be purchased at the hotel in Port Ellen when you step onto Islay. Home baked snacks or lunch can be enjoyed from the Ardstream Trailer at Ardbeg, situated in the courtyard with picnic tables and umbrellas.

Day Charter

Our tours depart from Ballycastle Marina at 8am and depart Port Ellen at 4pm so you have a full day to enjoy Islay and savour your time there.

Your Vessel – RHIB Stormborn

For this tour we use our 12 seater RHIB Stormborn, a highly maintained vessel licensed to carry passengers.  RHIBs offer performance, manoeuvrability and reliability not found in other vessels.  They get their name from their construction, a hard (rigid) hull with inflatable sides.  This unique design provides versatility and robustness.  They are renowned for their ability to handle any sea conditions thus their use by the coastguard, rescue services and military.

The inflatable sides provide superior stability and shock absorption which makes a more comfortable and safer voyage in any sea conditions.  The design also supports more horsepower, in the case of Stormborn this is two 300HP Yamaha engines.  The boat is covered to protect from rain and wind but the rear seating area can be open for fresh sea air and sightseeing.  There is one suspension seat next to the Skipper, 8 jockey seats and a 4 seater bench to the rear.  There is a warm air heater on board to keep everyone cosy in colder weather.

This is an adventurous open sea tour on a fast RHIB so not recommended for anyone who is pregnant, has heart, back or neck complaints, or has limited mobility including hip or knee replacement.

Private Charter

Our Islay tour is a full day Private Charter, so only your group on board with the Skipper.  This offers you a personal experience to create shared memories with your family or friends in the privacy of a private tour.

Unique Adventure

Our Ireland to Scotland whisky tour is a truly unique adventure and not your typical tourist experience.  It incorporates a combination of being an authentic passage route within the ancient Dalriada Kingdom while using a fast modern vessel to travel over 50 nautical miles in one day.  As well as an inspiring journey which will provide you with life long memories, there will, as always, be plenty of craic and banter on board.

Learn more here – Whisky Tour To Islay 

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