Our fast and agile RHIB vessels, Stormborn and Endurance, were joined a few years ago by a welcome addition to our fleet – Walter the Whaly.

Our Whaly 500R is a 5 metre vessel with seating capacity for 8 passengers.  Made of high density roto-moulded polyethylene and with a double-walled construction the Whaly 500R is incredibly strong, stable and impact resistant with little or no maintenance needed.

It has a draft of just 50cm with the engine trimmed down and capability to navigate safely in 30cm of water with the engine trimmed up.  Walter is powered by a 90HP Yamaha giving it a cruising speed of 20-25 knots.  Shore landings are easy, even in obstacle ridden shoreline.  A drop down bow allows water surface boarding capability and the well thought out design offers strength and stability.

This robust multi-purpose craft provides a large open deck and shallow draft for survey work and is an ideal work boat for hard to reach areas.  Walter has proven to be a flexible addition to our team and can even be left completely empty, without engine, to be towable in the water with equipment onboard or as a pontoon.

This craft is also excellent for film work, including location scouting and recces as well as being used as a camera boat and safety vessel.  Along with RHIB Stormborn and RHIB Endurance, our Whaly 500R can provide for a range of operational needs inshore and offshore.